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Artist. Sculptor. Explorer.

Hello and welcome friends! My name is Olga, and I am a self taught artist who has been practicing art since I was five. I have loved and studied art since childhood, growing up on a small farm in Russia surrounded by natural beauty that filled me with joy. Though deaf, the visual world spoke to me, teaching me to meditate on God's creation. I continued pursuing art, winning awards in high school and college where I first exhibited my work. I've sold pieces and taken commissions, exhibiting in California and Michigan as part of artist groups that push me to improve. I aim to capture the fundamentals of shape, plane, value, and proportion in figurative and realist styles using oils, acrylics, and charcoal. My goal is to share hope and light through my art, painting from photos at weddings or events. Through life's trials, I feel God has given my art new meaning, blessing me with hope to eradicate darkness. Hardships help tell a soul's story.

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